Windward Estates is a prestigious, new residential and touristic development located in English Harbour, on the south-east coast of the Caribbean island of Antigua. Set on a ninety-three oceanfront acres reserve, the property consists of 25 waterfront / beachfront plots for private residences, a luxury boutique hotel and the renowned restaurant, Catherine’s Café Plage.

Windward Estates is the perfect Caribbean hideaway, a secluded heaven filled with lush landscapes, offering enchanting views of the sea and neighbouring Caribbean islands and a 500 meter long beach, this development will amaze you.

Windward Estates is a gated development considered to be one of the most treasured and prestigious of the island. Windward Estates is a private residential development only accessible to home owners and guests, preserving the privacy of this idyllic Caribbean hideaway.

Windward is an exclusive community, with access to the beautiful Windward and Pigeon Point Beaches.

The project will be developed in 3 separate phases:

: all the parcels of Phase 1 are sold out and consists of :
– Entrance gate with security 24h/ 7 days per week
– The renowned restaurant, Catherine’s Café Plage, opened in November 2014
– A boutique hotel; it will offer between 12 to 18 luxurious rooms in breakfast & bed with a main reception and a large pool 15 x 6 mt.
– Tennis courts
– 3 ultimate villas and other 3 villas under construction

: is the second stage of development
– 15 PLOTS of 1,6 Acres AVAILABLE: 1,2,3,5,6,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16
– PLOT 4 : Sold , under construction
– PLOT 7 : Available; under construction
– PLOT 8 : Completed ;sold
– 4 PLOTS of 0,5 Acres ( A1;A2;A3;A4 ) available for our SPECIAL TURN KEY VILLAS

: is the last phase of our project . It includes the remaining 9 hillside plots.
– PLOTS from 17 to 25 : Available . WORK IN PROGRESS




Property Cost

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Property Tax (2.5%)

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Government Due Dilligence Fees

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Please note:Total price varies depending on number of applicants. Citizens international Legal fees are not shown here and are subject to market jurisdiction standards. Escrow Fees (approximately 1%) are not shown and the above is also subject to additional fees and/or charges. Whist every reasonable effort has been made to verify any statement, description or other comment within this property information, any purchasers must make their own enquiries and satisfy themselves. All information written here is subject to change.


falmouth, St. John's Antigua


Property Name : Windward Estates, English Harbour

Property Type : CIP

Property Status :

Status :

Housing Category : House

Location : English Harbour,